05 July 2013

Hello, July!

I can't believe it's already July! Where has the year gone? Oh right, to working haha! This "internship" is really sucking my free time from me. Ah well, what can you do right? You gotta do what you gotta do to get where you need to go!

Sorry, I had to :P

July is going to be a super busy month for me; car shopping (which hubby did all on his own yesterday annnd came home with no car. He's awful at making decisions, poor thing) on a deadline, packing, moving, working more ridiculous hours and trying to find time to sleep. The last few months have been crazy, I've seen hubby maybe a total of an hour and a half everyday. Half an hour awake lol. And the one day a week we do have off together is usually spent running errands, ah. At least by the end of this month the crazyness of that can stop. But it's getting through this month that's going to be hard part!

I started this blog to be more open about my life and yet I still feel myself holding myself back, censoring myself and I don't get why. I want to share the things I'm going through and experiencing, but I'm having the hardest time doing it. It'll get easier with time, right? Right.

So this month I hope to...

  • Get done with packing up clothes and things that don't need to be used now by July 19th
  • Put at least $200 in the "just in case" fund
  • Find a car by July 12th; obtain a car by July 19th
  • Read at least 2-3 books (I miss reading so much)
  • Get videos up on the YouTube channel(s)
  • Create a resume
  • Settle school loan situation
  • Be ready to move before the moving day
  • Try Dunkin Donuts summer flavors!

I know some of this won't work out the way I want and I really hope I can shape up enough this month to push through the tired-ness and just get everything done. I'll be glad in August if I do! The thing that's really frustrating me are these nonstop storms. Like everyday the last few weeks it's been raining/storming. This passed week we've seen the sun in small bursts and the rest of the day is either downpours or little trickles of rain all day. It's just weird.

So here's to July and hopefully a month of productivity!

It's a little depressing that my list doesn't consist of anything having to do with celebrating summer. Ah, maybe next year.

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