06 January 2013


I know, wtfffffff right? Another blog? I know I have lots of personal blogs and lots of nitch blogs but I just wanted a blog blog. If that makes sense. I've been thinking about making a lifestyle blog for awhile now and while I know my personal blogs could be a lifestyle blog... I don't feel like it fits. If that makes any sense. I want a place where I can mention products and food and things without feeling like I have to write a full blown detailed review after. 

I mean I might write reviews here but nothing in depth and extensive like you can find on my other blogs. I don't promise to update every day but I will try to update frequently. 

I wish I had started this blog earlier, before my new adventure so I could had talked about some of the things here, at home. Like about my kittens or just random little things about home and the "usual" things we do.

Oh also I wanted a place where I could casually mention (or rant) about my marriage and my gamer husband. And all his games. Which by the way today is our 9 year dating anniversary :D sort of blows my mind!

So yes, welcome to { f a i r y t a l e . l i f e s t y l e } where I'll talk (mostly ramble) about food, products, makeup, more food, entertainment, and life in general. I do hope you enjoy it here and I do hope you subscribe and leave comments!

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