06 January 2013

Plans for the weekend!

Considering it's Sunday, I guess the weekend is pretty much technically over... but no matter! Let's pretend Monday counts too. Or not. Whatever.

We're moving in a few days and like any pro procrastinator (I put the pro in procrastinator, harharhar!) I haven't gotten ANY packing done yet. I haven't even sorted anything yet. I've basically just screwed myself. I did make lists in November on what to pack and what to get done... now to just DO that stuff, right? So here's another list, of things I may or may not get done :P

  1. Clear off desk in bedroom to the best of my ability
  2. Sort though the clothes in MY bedroom bed to be packed or donated
  3. Set up blog posts for various blogs
  4. Pack bedsheets
  5. Pack M's hoodie
  6. Wash travel pj's and Tangled fleece blanket (to be packed)
  7. Wash M's clothes (some to be packed)
  8. Sort bookshelf and pull aside books to sell/donate
  9. Back up files
  10. Read Uses for Boys
  11. Read The Splinders (& Lucid if can)

I didn't get anything done yesterday that I was suppose to because I was being lazy since it was a gloomy cold day (way to go for excuses!) so now I get to do everything today and tomorrow. Although tomorrow after M come back from work I'll have to go do the donating and searching for last minute travel items thing.

.... so I should probably stop yapping (is it still yapping if I'm writing?) and go get some of this stuff done! 

Happy Sunday everyone!

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