06 August 2013

Subscription Boxes | Love with Food (1)

I'm so excited I finally got my Love with Food box! I went ahead and suspended my Nature Box subscription just because $20/month really adds up, even if it is a pretty good deal. I may go back to it someday, but for now, I'm on the hunt for something a little cheaper.

The good thing about Love with Food is that with every box that is purchased, they donate a meal. This month however, they donated TWO meals to Oklahoma foodbanks! So that's a pretty good cause, right?! The theme for July was Fun on the Boardwalk so it included a lot of carnival/boardwalk type of snacks, which is what I really wanted! The majority of my work history goes to theme parks so stuff like this really excites me!

I know it's a little hard to see what's included, there wasn't a decent way to snap this picture. Sorry! I'll just go ahead and list that for you.

  • Hawaiian Salted Caramel Popcorn from Kukuruza (@kukuruzapopcorn)
  • BBQ Beef Stick from Vermont Smoke and Cure (@VTsmoke)
  • Rebel Mary Peanuts from Lord Nut Levington (@LordNutLev)
  • All Natural Orange Salt Water Taffy from Angel Mint
  • Snack Toppings from Twangerz (@TwangTweets)
  • Handmade Sourdough Pretzels from Uncle Henry's
  • Strawberry Fig Bars from Nature's Bakery (@NaturesBakery)
  • Classic Candy Wafers from NECCO (@NeccoWafers)
I like how the description card also includes the Twitter accounts of the companies participating in the current months box but I wonder why some of them don't have one... *shrug

8 different snacks to try three of which are a pretty good size: the Hawaiian Salted Caramel, the Handmade Sourdough Pretzels and the Strawberry Fig Bars. I've never actually tried Necco Wafers before, I don't know why... they just never jumped out at me. The Snack Toppings sort of remind me of when those Lucus candy powers were all the rage back in the 90's. You know, until they recalled them for lead. Except we didn't sprinkle them on anything, we just ate them straight from the packets/shakers. Like that didn't cause a headache lol! My husband still tries to find similar things cause he puts it on basically everything he eats, like his fruit but mostly on rice (I don't see how someone can... omg, it just sounds disgusting) so I'll probably pass these on to him, he'll have a ball!

So I was suppose to do an unboxing vlog but I got too excited and ended up eating a few things so that idea probably won't work out considering as soon as I finish this entry I'm probably gonna go snack on the things left. I can't help it! This box really excites me, okay? Haha.

So we tried one of the Strawberry Fig Bars and while these aren't your Newton bars they taste much healthier. It was packed with fruit in the middle like PACKED which was nice. The fruit filling is always the best part! We also tried the BBQ Beef Stick since husbands thing is beef jerky and it was okay, it didn't taste like BBQ. It sort of just tasted like a normal beef stick. Then again we only had a tiny stick to go by so who knows, maybe the full size is different. The last thing we tried so far is the Orange Salt Water Taffy it's free of any artificial flavors or colors so it's not dyed, it's just plain white. It was really really good, tasted like if you were to make salt water taffy out of a creamsicle! 

Box Rating: 5/5
Product Satisfaction: 4/5
Worth the cost: YES!

I felt the products went well with the theme and there were enough products in the box to keep me interested and curious.

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