27 August 2013

Tasty Tuesday | My French Cafe

Windermere, FL

Being new to the Orlando area I was on the search for Macarons. Coming from NorCal I guess you can say food-wise I'm incredibly spoiled. I have San Francisco, Napa and San Jose to dine on seafood, Macarons, and all the cute pastries from all the different cultures you could think of. So moving to Orlando and seeing how there's a limited selection as far as the diversity of food... well that's just depressing.

I did find this cute place tucked away in a small plaza though! I didn't manage to take a picture of the interior or the sandwich I had prior to these babies because I was just way too excited. 

The lunch combo I got included a sandwich (which was a pretty good portion), a drink (no fountain drinks here, just cans) and my choice of any one dessert from the case line. I went with the Strawberry & Cream Macaron with the shot for Passion Fruit and as you can see, it's a pretty huge Macaron! It was moist and flavorful and the Passion Fruit was strrrrrrong! The mini Macarons I bought, I think they were like $1.50/each which is a bit of a lot for their size. I seriously can't even tell you the flavors since it's been awhile since this happened but the red/blue shelled one is Lychee. Which didn't taste like Lychee. 

This is a nice place to sit and relax and have lunch. There are plenty of options from the menu to the desserts. I will totally be back to try more Macarons!

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