24 September 2013

Bits of My Weekend

This pretty much sums up my weekend --- though not in order. I don't really remember what order these go in.

I finally got my vanilla cupcake from Panera Bread. I'll be honest, I just wanted the sugar leaf. It's so cute! The frosting wasn't too bad either. I finally decked out my work desk with some Halloween/Autumn decor. I love this sparkly cauldron I got! Went to Panera Bread again (this shouldn't be a surprise if you know me lol) and tried the squash soup with my favorite Mac & Cheese. The soup was okay... until it got cold. Hubby and I were looking for Venus Fly Traps at the hardware store and realized there were fish and turtles in their garden display pond!! How cool is that?! There were two turtles. Hubby dragged me out of bed at 9AM (YES 9AM) to go to Best Buy and get his LE Zelda Wii U. Best Buy opened as soon as we got there. Way. Too. Early. But he did make up for it by buying me some crafting stuff from Jo-Annes!

I made my first batch of mashed potatoes the other day. I was super craving Popeyes but it's a half hour drive away (seriously never going to get use to how big Orlando is. In Cali driving half an hour would bring me to Berkley via freeway) so instead we went to the grocery store and I tried making mashed potatoes myself. Honestly, they came out amazing!! I LOVED them! They were easier than I thought to make too!

This morning I made us some omelettes. Or well, omelettes Hazel style lol. I'm suddenly on this huge cooking kick! I wanna make pancakes from scratch and scallop potatoes!

This week I'm starting class back up and I'm really not looking forward to it, gotta do some tidying and some crafting! We'll see what productivity I can get into before Friday :)

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