23 September 2013

Media Monday | Make it Hot by Nicole Ray ft Missy Elliott

I originally was doing Media Monday on TooManyWordsTonight but I figured it would be better if I just did it here instead.

It's it sort of strange when you get a song stuck in your head even though you haven't heard it in years? That's totally what happened to me this passed week. I was sitting around, reading articles and all of a sudden this song just randomly popped into my head!

This song was released in 1998, I was about in the 8th grade. Those were some strange days. But I remember this was one of those songs that played constantly on the radio and on the music video channels (I miss those). I miss when hip hop and R&B was like this --- a soothing beat and lyrics that told a story. Instead of those mind fcuk lyrics where they're pretty much designed to get stuck in your head and how could they not when they're repeating the same word like 40 times a minute? 

I always tell people my playlist lives in the 90's. Cause it does! 

Have you ever had a random song stuck in your head?

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