21 October 2013

Subscription Boxes | Love with Food (2)

The theme for the September 2013 Love with Food box was gluten-free snacks curated by Chef Ming Tsai!

There's a lot to be excited about! The Hummus, the fruit snacks (which I had and peach was the best flavor!) and the sipping broths (hubby tried one and it was really nice and calming)!

I absolutely feel like I got more than my moneys worth this month. If you're interested in anything I mentioned, you can contact the following companies via their Twitter accounts:
  • Cheddar Cheese Organicasaurus from Good Boy Organics (@GoodBoyOrganics)
  • Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Brushetta from Milas Foods (@dipndips)
  • Blueberry Fruit Bars from Betty Lou's (@bettylousinc)
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus from Wilder Garden (@ZiyadBrothers)
  • 100% Natural Crunch Cinnamon Apple Chips from Bare Fruit (@BareSnacks)
  • Cherry Berry Raw Cookie from Licious Organics (@nudefoods)
  • Sipping Broth from Millies Savory Teas (@SavoryTeas)
  • Cinnamon Crunch from Cosmos Creations (@CosmosCreations)
  • Fruit Snacks from YumEarth Organics (@YumEarth)

Because I'm posting this late... the October box will be posted soon :)

Box rating: 5/5
Product satisifaction: 5/5
Worth the cost: Yes!

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