16 November 2013

A month of epic pain

November didn't begin on a good start --- first I had an ear infection. A very very painful ear infection. Considering my health insurance only works in California, I was pretty much out of luck with going to the hospital to have it checked. The Advice Nurse my hospital provides suggested an over-the-phone appointment with my normal doctor. 

Wait, they could do that?!

So I did that and she did the whole, "you still need to go to the hospital to have it seen." thing even though I knew what this was. So she prescribed me oral anti-biotic. Last time I had an ear infection, I had the drops.

So for five days I took the anti-biotic and the thing with me and taking medication is that when I reach the last few doses, my mind does this weird trick and it keeps telling me to throw it up. It's so annoying. Anyway, the swelling in my ear finally went down, the pain was gone and I could --- well no, I couldn't hear. I had wax packed into my ear. No big deal, I flush my own ear all the time.

The day after I finished my prescription. Guess what happened.

I broke into hives for the second time in my life.

Except these weren't the hives I remembered... 

So naturally I freaked out thinking it was Scabies. Except it didn't burn like hell like Scabies does. So I couldn't figure out what it was! At first I thought my leg was just itching from razor burn but obviously, that isn't razor burn if it's on MY HAND right? So I did some research. I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary in the last 48 hours and I didn't touch anything I could had been allergic to. I didn't go anywhere new. The only thing that was new was the medication and I find out that sometimes the anti-biotic they prescribed me can cause Hives. It was just weird. After a few days of taking Claritin, it cleared up a bit.

And then this happened.

*shakes head at self*

I should just live in a bubble.

I had some frozen Won Tons and they were melted together, you know, the wrapper? It's a pain trying to pull them apart because honestly, you can't. So I thought taking a knife and cutting them out was a very bad idea and I told myself I was going to be very careful. And I was! But I think at some point I got too excited that the piece I had been working at for 3 minutes was finally giving away and something slipped and I cut myself really badly.

The second I felt that slice, my hand went straight under the running water. As I cried. Half because it hurt and it was bleeding a pretty good amount and half because how could I be that freakin dumb! after I had calmed down I pulled my hand from under the water and blood. Everywhere. It wouldn't stop. It was all over the counter, all over the sink, all over the knife, all over those goddamn Won Tons. 

Then I started to panic. I had to get to a towel so I could apply pressure and try to stop the bleeding --- see movies do teach you a thing or two!

So I dash over to the bathroom and run my hand under the bathroom sink --- getting blood all over the place there --- and wrap it gently in a face towel and SQUEEZING. The blood was still not stopping so I think at some point I went into shock because I started sweating, my mouth went dry and I started seeing spots. I literally thought I was going to pass out. Or die. So I texted my husband who was at work: bleeding. cut. passing out. to which he replied with "wtf?" so I went to lay down for a minute, tried to regulate my breathing and turned the fan on. Coaxing myself to relax.

That took a good minute. And I still felt like crap when I got up.

Then I decided to clean up all the bloody mess (literally) with my finger still gashed open. But at least it stopped bleeding.

Now it's at that stage of the last picture. It's closed up and it's starting to scab over however when I bump it on something it still sends angry shots of pain up my finger and I think I messed up some nerves because when I run my finger over it, it feels strange. Puffy but numb? It's weird.

This week I tried flushing out that extra ear wax using my usual ear flushing process. I'd get to the point where I'd hear/feel it shift and I could almost hear clearly then it would plug up again. I don't know what the deal is. Fast forward to last night. I think I irritated my ear somehow and now it's getting puffy again and to the point where I feel like another ear infection is coming on. 


After this heals I'm going to suck it up, pay the stupid $200 fee to just be seen and have them fix it. 

I've dealt with enough pain this month!

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