28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of the year again --- where we give thanks even though the root of the holiday is a pretty tragic one.

Back in high school I use to write out this elaborate email to everyone and write a special paragraph to why I was thankful for them. I know, kinda lame right? I stopped doing that though, I stopped leaving comments on peoples walls about how thankful I am for them from time-to-time just because. I don't know, I feel like it's kind awkward now that we're adults. Or whatever. 

This year hubby and I are across the country from our families for the first time ever. And it kinda sucks. Except family holidays have never really been my thing but still, my brother makes a mean Thanksgiving dinner and I'm sad I'm missing out on all his delicious food! 

But despite that, I do have a lot to be thankful for! 

I'm thankful for this delicious dinner we're finally having after prepping and cooking all day long. Our turkey is juicy and flavorful (which is surprising for a first try!), watching my Thanksgiving traditional movie --- A Christmas Story and that hubby surprised me by attempting to replicate my favorite restaurant appetizer --- Fried Artichokes! 

For a mother who pours nonstop support, love and guidance when I don't deserve it. She makes it a point to take care of me even when I'm across the country. My furball girls I can't wait to see, there's a sense of comfort in cuddling with a cat who looks at you like you're their world. For books, because let's be real... I had to. Blogging, pretty desserts and glitter because life's too short to be simple.

I'm thankful for the family and friends who show me support when I'm at my lowest, especially when it comes to my OCD. I'm thankful for friends who can pick up where they left off no matter how many days, months or years pass us. The brothers from another mother who've always had my back. I love and miss you guys ♥. I'm thankful for the people who've watched me grow up and still think I'm pretty okay through it all :)

I'm incredibly thankful for a boy who use to booty bump me in doorways, joke about suicide with me, tried talking our teachers into thinking I sold drugs and would threaten to kill me with clicky pens. We've grown a lot together in the last 11 years and you went from that hot crazy as shit friend to my husband. And I am so thankful for you everyday, you mean the world to me. Even if you piss me off every other hour. It's cool. You sat through Wicked with me 12 times without (too much) complaint and plus you're still hot ;)

Happy Thanksgiving friends, I hope it's one filled with laughter, love and family.

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