07 December 2013

Hello, December

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It is officially the last month of 2013 and just like every December, I can't believe the year went by so quickly! I'm finally on an academic break for a little while and I'll be on another one during Christmas so I'm trying to enjoy this downtime while I can! I got my second A in a row with the class I just finished and I'm so happy, seriously! I wasn't expecting to get another A! Hard work and sacrificing fun things do pay off --- I guess.

Even though it's December, here in Orlando it's still in the 80's. It's cooler but not really cold yet. I've been attempting Vlogmas and I think I'll be posting them on the lifestyle channel instead of the "vlog" channel like I had planned. I'm going to just mash up day 1-7 because they were short vlogs anyway... I'm still trying to get in the habit of actually pointing the camera at me while talking. 

I know I've been seriously slacking on the blog posts here, and I'm hoping since I have so much time off this month that I'll be able to catch up on things! I want 2014 to be as productive and as successful as it can be! And I've already made a resolutions draft. I couldn't help it!

But as for December, here are some things I hope to accomplish before 2013 is over ---

  • Read 3-5 books (mostly big 2013 releases and holiday books)
  • Get on the ball of posting a lifestyle video twice a week
  • Donate $1 to the jar for every mile ran (borrowed this idea from a friend)
  • Figure out a budget system for 2014
  • Tidy the apartment
  • Make homemade Gumdrops
  • Make homemade Pillow Mints
  • Do a whole lot of 2014 prepping!

What are some things you guys are planning on doing this month to see 2013 off? And what are some things you're planning on doing in 2014?

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