01 February 2014

Bonjour Février!

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Ahh, the beginning of a new month. There's always something refreshing about new beginnings. Is it just me? And there's a lot to look forward to in February --- Valentines Day (who doesn't love seeing pink and red everywhere? There's something that just lifts your mood!), the beginning of Spring, warmer weather, new makeup and fashion launches...

And with every new month I do that thing to myself... where I make a list of goals I may or may not accomplish but it's okay! There is nothing wrong with wanting to work towards something.

  • Get back into the habit of sleeping & waking up at a specific time
  • Discover 2 new products
  • Attempt to make homework the first priority of the week
  • Come up with Valentines Day posts and videos
  • Tidy the living area
  • Make a lightbox
  • Build that dresser
  • Read more!
  • Learn how to knit
  • Fix up "About Me" pages
  • Make homemade Gum Drops
  • Stay focused

That's not too bad... I think I can live with this list. I really need to start sleeping early again and forcing myself to wake up at a certain time instead of constantly hitting the snooze button. I always start my day off late and honestly, it irritates me. 

→ I want to discover at least 2 new products this month mostly because I don't have a January favorites to film since I didn't really discover much. While I have a few products to talk about, I don't have enough to make it worth making a video for and that kinda sucks. 

→ I want to tidy our living area because it's been a mess since... we moved here and it keeps getting worse! We have no storage space at all in our tiny apartment but that doesn't mean that clutter can just build anywhere. I need to get more storage boxes from Target if anything and just start throwing things in a box or away if I really have no use for them. 

→ With that, I also want to tidy it so I can have a place for my light box! Right now I'm just using a desk with left over pretty Christmas garland bunched up and while that's fine, it doesn't give me a big enough range to shoot. 

→ I reallyyyy want to learn how to knit those beanies I love so much. I think that'll be fun! I need to fix up my "About Me" pages for all my blogs. I have one blog where I haven't updated it since 2010. Yeah. Crazy right? So I need to fix that. I kind of feel like your about me page is sort of like a resume. For your blog. 

→ I came across this recipe for homemade Gum Drops. I've never had Gum Drops. But I love homemade confections. And anything rolled in powered sugar so... why not?

→  I lost my focus a bit towards the end of last month because hubby got the flu and I spent a ton of time waiting for it to hit me (which it never did, thank goodness) and I think that in itself caused me to waste a lot of time so this month --- stay focused!

What are some of your goals for this month?

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