28 January 2014

Review | Minted.com

Minted.com is a easy to navigate website that allows you to fully control and customize everything from family holiday cards to birth and wedding announcements and even journals and party supplies! 

I first heard of minted.com when a recently engaged friend of mine was sent a stack of samples of from their wedding invitation collection and there were a bunch of gorgeous ones to choose from! I honestly wish I had known about this site (wait, was this site around in 2009? I have no idea... but if it was!) when I was looking for wedding invitations of my own! I ordered mine from Party City and yeah, the quality wasn't that great. Plus it was super expensive. And I had two cards missing, yeah. Really. Not only does minted.com offer invitations in card form but you can also order them as magnets (what a cute idea!) or postcards! I'm digging the first and third on the first row and the third on the second row. Well I am getting re-married sometime within the next five years so... I think I'll just go ahead and grab myself a sample bundle!

Another cool thing they offer is birth announcements and they have some adorable templates you can check out here

How cute are these templates?! I'm totally digging the second and the third one on the first row. Would it be weird to have puppy announcements? I mean, they're furbabies... that counts, right? And as you can see on the left you have the option to choose what gender, what format you'd like and if you want to make it a magnet as well! I'm loving this magnet option!

One thing I absolutely find myself surfing when I'm on this site is their business cards! I'm one of those weird people who get really excited about a pretty business card.

Look at all the pretty designs! Digging the last one on the second row. There was a handful I really really liked but I couldn't get them all to load on the same page and show you guys.

So if you're looking for an easy to navigate website to customize your newest business card or wedding invitation or even supplies for a themed party I would highly suggest Minted.com! There are so many different products to choose from and so many ways you could design them!

*Disclosure: I recieved merchandise credit in exchange for a review of the website. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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