17 October 2014

Blogtober '14 | I'm an expert at...

Blogtober14 is a challenge hosted by Taylor and Helene! I'm all for challenges and I thought this would be really fun. If you'd like to join in, the daily prompts will be listed below for each day.

Day 17 | I'm an expert at...

The word expert sort of scares me it makes me think that you are unfailable at something and when it comes to me I don't really think I'm unfailable at anything. I mean most nights I even fail to sleep. But I know it Filipino terms they use it as someone who's good at something. Not even like amazing just good.

I suppose if I had to choose... I'd say I'm an expert at FreeCell. Does that sound weird? Of all things... FreeCell. Yes! It's true!

I remember the first time I saw it. I use to be really into Solitaire in middle school and I'd usually be playing instead of filing like I was suppose to during the office hour so I was pretty pro at that by the time I saw FreeCell. My dad frequently took me and my brother to Costco, just to look around and get samples and stuff. My dad was always one to look at the laptops because back in the 90's they were kind of a weird thing. And I remember one day he pulled up FreeCell randomly on the laptop and started playing. Curious I asked what it was and how do you play. So he taught me. When I first started I literally did not grasp the concept and I was SO frustrated!  

Who remembers the AOL dial up days? And you'd use IE cause you SWORE it ran faster, plus when you'd get kicked off of AOL and you were in the middle of a blog post... well you lost pretty much... everything and that was NEVER fun. So who actually remembers how slow dial up was? Uh yeah. I'm a fairly impatient person. Always have been, always will be #noshame and so to distract myself from watching the loading bar I'd often play FreeCell. In fact, I played it so much it got to the point where I'd win literally every single game I played.

Then we got DSL and well my FreeCell days were over. I've recently found myself playing it again like when I'm on business or conference calls. And I'm still pretty good at it. Not amazing like I once was but still pretty good. Besides that, I can also be caught playing Bejeweled on my phone and especially Bejeweled Butterflies! I'm a sucker for puzzle games. Even before I knew that they were good for your brain.

What are you an expert at?

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