06 October 2014


I accidentally somehow stumbled on a hashtag called Blogtober which is sort of like Vlogmas, you blog every single day in the month of October. And if you know me, you know I'm one to attempt as many challenges as I find interesting! But of course I hadn't found out about this until now so, we're starting with today!

So today I'm gonna do a bit of recap on things going on or has gone on.... 

The thing that depresses me abut living in Florida is that we don't actually get Fall. It's pretty much summer without the rain during "Fall". So I try to surround myself with as much Fall themed places as I can!

We recently moved to a bigger apartment, so that's exciting except the part where we have to unpack and find a place for everything. Things are still scattered around and I need to find them a home. All the Fall foods are out --- the Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I get it in Frapp), the Pumpkin cookies from Panera Bread and their Autumn Squash Soup they also brought in a new flatbread sandwich with turkey, cranberry and spinach and it. is. amazing. Seriously. Paired with the Squash Soup? It's like Fall, literally in your mouth!

We went to the annual Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom and thankfully it didn't start down pouring until we were about to leave. But since it had been raining earlier that afternoon, the floor was too wet to let out the Headless Horseman for fear that the horse may had slipped. Which sucks, cause that's my favorite part of the Boo To You Parade. We still managed to get a lot of candy and I got to take lots of pictures in my costume. Yes! I dressed up this year! As a Scarecrow! I was standing in front during the parade and I love waving to the characters. The Mad Hatter actually came up to me and says, "are you a scarecrow?" and I was like "yes, I am!" and he goes "okay scare me then!" and Alice goes "don't listen to him!" and I go ".... boo!" and he goes "she's not so scary." and I thought it was funny cause that's how part of the parade song goes. I'm always amazed at how the people who play Mad Hatter nail it so well! The day after I found about 7 mosquito bites on my legs and they all ended up scaring. The one on my arm actually turned into a bubble and I've never really had that happen before. My bites usually just turn into pimples almost and just go away. But now they tend to bubble and they scar. So yeah, now I have a scar on my arm and 7 others on my legs. Great. Right? Sigh.

There was an earthquake back home which isn't too uncommon but this was a pretty big one. I think it was a 6.0 and it was 3 miles away from St. Helena. Which if you know anything about NorCal is incredibly close to both Napa and Vallejo. Most of Napa lost their wine and the stores in American Canyon were pretty much trashed as well. My mom said that everything was fine back home, nothing really fell or anything. I'm still scared to see my room when I get home. I bet everything has fallen over and I wouldn't be surprised if there was broken glass or a broken lamp somewhere. Ugh. And parts of downtown Vallejo were damaged as well. This is the first time that we've had an earthquake so close to us. Usually it comes from the San Fran side, not Napa Valley. The whole week they had aftershocks and just the other day I saw there was another earthquake, a 3.0 near Livermore. It's so insane to see all these quakes on my side of the area. Just because in the whole 25+ years we've lived there there hasn't been one so close to home. I'm glad that everyone at home is okay and the girls are okay and Joy is okay.

I honestly don't know what else I'll be blogging about if I'm being completely honest. I sort of just... jumped into this haha! But I will be talking about a ton of Fall stuff and I still have a haul to edit and post as well as another haul to film. 

I'm working on my Halloween Book Challenge, I haven't finished any books yet and I really need to get my ass in gear because I have a looooong list to get through! Other than that, starting a Mythology class tomorrow which I'm really excited about and trying to keep my head above water. I've sort of crawled under a rock recently and I know I should probably crawl out, but I'm just trying to handle everything I can one day at a time.

So what have all of you been up to? Enjoying Fall? Any plans for Halloween?

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