10 February 2014

Motivation Monday

[ discovered on Addicted To Success Facebook page ]

If there is one thing that peeves me it's when people spend the majority of their time discussing other people. What this person is wearing, how over/under weight they are, the sound of their voice. Whatever. 

I get that everyone has an initial opinion of someone, that's natural. Over it's out of shock or awe. But there's a difference between voicing these opinions or just letting them go. Obviously if you admire something about someone and you just have to say something, by all means. But I don't believe in walking up to someone (especially someone you don't know) and saying something nasty based on your initial opinion of them. Nor do I understand the need to continue bringing it up days later.

Perhaps it's just me? I don't spend a lot of time judging other people because they have nothing to do with my life. I'm too busy focused on my hustle, too focused on improving myself to worry about who's doing what with their own lives.

Your opinion of someone else doesn't reflect them, it reflects you. Remember, big minds discuss ideas and small minds discuss people.

Just something to think about. 

Let's spend some time this week focused on ourselves rather than focused on someone elses life.

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