11 February 2014

Review | Nice! Disinfectant Wipes

One day I was running out of disinfectant wipes and these things are like, my life. I can't function unless I know I have them around (has to do with my OCD). So M went out to go get more for me but they were out of Lysol, which is the ones I've been using for years and he comes home with... this.

At first I was a little ehh thinking that you know, these are store brand, they can't possibly work as good as the legit Lysol ones... right?

The problem with the Lysol wipes is that the liquid is so strong that it strips my hands of all its moisture depending on how often I use them (and I mean, per day). So it irritates the eczema on my hands and it even got to the point once where my fingertips were so dry and messed up I couldn't touch fabric like silk for months because it would catch on my skin. I know, that should be a sign that maybe I should stop using them, right? But again, OCD. Your mind can really be your worst enemy sometimes.

Ever since that day though, that he came home with these I've been hooked. I don't know what it is about these that I suddenly prefer but I refuse to go back to Lysol. These are less harsh on my hands, they're cheaper and they work just as good, if not better. The only problem is that since they are store brand you can only find them at Walgreens. 

I use to reach for the lemon scented ones but now I just get the regular ones. And I'm pretty happy with them.

I've tried a number of Nice! products and so far I've been extremely pleased with the majority of them.

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