17 February 2014

Motivation Monday

Welcome to another Monday!

I feel like this quote as been following me around since NaNoWriMo. You spend days putting together your novel before writing it and making sure everything is perfect knowing that when you go in to write it... well that's not really how it works. Then you freak out. Followed by procrastination because what the heck is even going on anymore?! And finally you shelf the project. This doesn't have to go for just writing, it can go for anything in life.

We're always waiting in the sense that we're waiting for the right time (wanna know a secret? there's no such thing as a "right time"). Or the right idea. Or if you're like me, you're constantly waiting for inspiration. There's a quote that's like "Don't wait for inspiration, go get it." like, what does that even mean? Is there a magical inspiration field I don't know about where I can gather handfuls of inspiration? 

No matter what the issue is, waiting is going to solve none of them. You're going to wait your life away before making any progress.

What's something you've been waiting for "the right moment" to do?

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