01 April 2014

Hello April

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Whoo! It's finally April! My birthday month!

I actually called out of work today because I've been struck with allergy flu-like symptoms since last Thursday night. Thankfully I'm feeling much better than I did this passed weekend and I can finally feel whatever this is leaving my system! I swear, the east coast gives me the weirdest allergy reactions!

It's also April Fools Day and I don't know about everyone else but I was never really a fan of April Fools. Now that I'm much older, I hate it even more. I just see it as an excuse for people to be assholes and place blame on the fact that "it's April Fools Day" yeah well that punch I threw to your face was no joke! Watch it! But really, it's just dumb in my opinion. All these fake headlines and fake news. I mean come on, you're going to post that you got engaged then end it with April Fools! in the end who really looks like the fool? The person who fell for it or the person who thought it would be entertaining to make a fool of THEMSELVES?


I'm not going to give myself some epic to do list this month  because my head has been in the clouds since this year started and that alone has been frustrating. I like being organized and on top of my stuff. I didn't even realize my own birthday was next week so I wasn't able to make the plans I wanted to. Oh well. Maybe next time. So instead I'm settling for something small. I don't know, after 21 your birthday isn't that big of a deal anymore. Besides, I don't live in Cali anymore so there isn't really anything to do here in Florida and I don't really want to spend my birthday at Disney World. I really wanted to go to Vegas, it's going to be my second year not going for my birthday and that's just depressing.

But here are some things I hope to dabble into this month... no pressure though!

  • Finish reading City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
  • Review 3 NetGalley titles
  • Tidy up my half of the living area mess
  • Tidy up desk
  • Be happy on my birthday!
  • Start buying flowers
  • Craft something.... anything
  • Try out one new recipe 
  • Come up with a better income management plan
  • Write "About Me" pages for blogs
  • Facebook less
  • Blog more

So that's about it folks! I've been major slacking with finishing City of Glass even though I flew through the first two books because OMG Clary is pissing me off so hardcore in this one! So much in fact that I'm looking forward to Simon's chapters! Goodness, she's like gone off into Bella lala land and it's just annoying. 

I better get something to eat and get started on my next class readings.... I hope to come up with more content for this blog, I know it's a lifestyle blog so technically I can write about anything. I'm just being picky! 

What are some things you hope to get done this month?

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