16 June 2014

Motovation Monday

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Whoot! It's Monday

Who's excited?

Yeah, me either. 
I'll be at work by the time this is posted and I'll probably be leaning on the wall trying not to fall asleep.


But I found this quote over the weekend on Pinterest while I was researching some Yoga and Meditation stuff and thought I could use this reminder this morning and maybe some of you could too.

It's easy to get swept up in problems and things that go our way or drama at work, in our personal lives or even just the demons that play in our minds. It's easy to forget our worth, it's easy to lose sight of positivity and the good things in life. Isn't that strange? How the negativity is so much more bolder and heavier than the positivity? Ever wonder why that is? Perhaps misery loves company is more than just a phrase. It's easy to get swept away in our problems which in turn end up ruining our entire weekend or week or month or even year. And it's hard to think that these problems are just illusions in our own minds. Like, what does that even mean?! Surely the fact that my husband did something dumb is not an illusion. Cause hello, IT REALLY HAPPENED.

But I think what it's really saying is that to a certain extent is an illusion because we, as people, are capable of controlling how we react to these problems. Yes the easier thing to do is to let the problem manifest and consume us, to focus all of our attention and energy on this problem and ditch the idea of being productive because we're so distracted. The harder thing to do is to understand the issue and to not let it get to you. But what type of level of understanding do you need? I guess that's up to you.

You could let your problems consume you or you can understand the situation and not let it control you. 

Clearly, that's way easier said than done.

And it's something that I myself am working very hard on remembering. It definitely takes practice and patience and constant reminders.

But friends, I hope you have a wonderful and happy Monday and a wonderful productive rest of the week!

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